As an annual herb, hemp has many more uses besides a particularly important property known to people, such as it is a raw material for fiber products, clothing, ropes, sails, grease, paper and medical supplies, as well as Lots of medicinal value. Therefore, in addition to the large-scale cultivation of hemp for the development of the textile industry, there are also greenhouse cultivation to explore the use of hemp in other ways.


Cannabis is a light-loving, short-day crop, and late-maturing varieties are more sensitive to light, so when growing cannabis in greenhouses, special attention should be paid to light conditions. Insufficient light will affect the growth of many plants and the content of various substances. The growth of cannabis requires strong light, so when planting in a greenhouse, pay attention to the light transmittance, light intensity and light time in the greenhouse.


In the greenhouse, you can choose a plant light to fill the cannabis with light, but when choosing a fill light, you should pay attention to the power of the plant light. The high-power plant light is powerful and can meet the lighting requirements of cannabis growth. If the temperature in the greenhouse is high, the water vapor is large, and the greenhouse needs to be sprayed and watered, then the selected plant light should also pay attention to the waterproof function. The high power of the plant light will lead to an increase in heat generation, so it is best to have a heat dissipation facility for the plant light, which can prolong the service life of the plant light.


When choosing a fill light, you can consider LED plant fill light. After a long period of development and research, LED plant lights have clear data to show that they can have a good fill light effect on vegetables, fruits and flowers. , laboratory, plant factory can be used. Therefore, when choosing a fill light for marijuana, you can choose a high-power LED plant light, which can play a good role in fill light.

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