How to increase the yield of cannabis that has already started blooming?

  1. Increase the light intensity

As we all know, light is actually a supplement and therefore a transfer of life energy. Simply put, if plants get more light output, they produce larger buds.

3 Main Ways to Increase Light Intensity

Install better cannabis grow lights.

It is very important to keep cannabis grow lights as close as possible without overloading the plants.

Trim your new buds so they develop horizontally in the light. Pruning while growing allows your plants to keep light, possibly close, without causing the highest leaf glare to burn.

When the cannabis is surrounded by vegetation, it actively responds, trying to get taller for better lighting.


  1. Choose a cannabis plant to grow light suitable for the flowering period during the flowering period

For optimal yield, density, and bud size, high-quality cannabis LED grow lights should be used while the buds are forming.


  1. Provides the correct spectrum during bud formation

Using LED grow lights with the more red light of different wavelengths during flowering will be more effective than using cannabis grow lights with more blue light.

Choose cannabis LED grow light that contains the following diodes: white, red, far red (infrared wavelengths);

After entering the flowering stage, plants have higher and higher requirements for the proportion of nutrients and their overall nutritional value. Make sure you diagnose and correct any nutritional deficiencies, insect attacks, diseases, or other visible problems quickly. Unhealthy plants lack the energy to form shoots.


  1. Optimizing Environmental Factors for Cannabis Growth

Several key factors need to be kept in mind. They are mainly related to the microclimate of your grow room/grow box during the flowering stage. If you really want to maximize your earnings, consider the following:

        • Humidity – Don’t let the environment get too humid after the shoots start to develop. High humidity can cause mold attack and bud rot, and it can also inhibit bud growth. High/large density (high humidity makes it difficult to efficiently transport water through key plant nodes).

        • Particularity – Prevents light loss when the interior of the farmhouse/farmhouse has reflective walls. There are many options for improving reflectivity, such as painting walls with white paint or covering them with mylar. Giving your plants more light will help your shoots grow densely.

        • Air circulation – In addition to maintaining the correct temperature and humidity, it is also important to allow your plants a breeze and plenty of fresh air. Effective air circulation prevents many problems and accelerates plant growth, thereby increasing overall yield.

        • Add extra carbon dioxide to the air – Some growers add extra carbon dioxide to the air to increase yields. Plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, and (in some cases) adding carbon dioxide to the air allows plants to get more energy from the same amount of light.

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