A new revolution in horticulture lighting: How the LED spectrum could shape the future of agriculture

With the development of modern technology, the agricultural world is undergoing unprecedented changes. Regarding this point, there is an emerging field that has caused a lot of heated discussions in recent days – LED plant lighting. Express developments in this field and its potential impact on the future of agriculture.

LED plant lighting has a strong impact on agriculture


A key reason should be attributed to its special spectral control capabilities. Some Canadian growers are experimenting with the impact of infrared LEDs on mini cucumbers, causing people to question traditional lighting methods that only consider illuminance rather than spectrum.
Also in the spotlight is Signify, which is exploring whether chrysanthemums can grow well in an environment with only red light. Furthermore, in order to reduce the cost of lighting during unmanned operation, some research is looking into a lighting solution that may eliminate the growing stage of cannabis.


Emerging cases show that LED plant lights are changing traditional agriculture, making lighting no longer just illuminating plants, but becoming a key factor affecting plant growth and regulating crop yield and quality. Spectrum control undoubtedly gives LED grow lights a more profound meaning.

Source: Horticultural Lighting
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