The Most Functional Vertical Rack
Smart Grow Rack System G18
Customize Your Own
The Most Functional Vertical Rack
Smart Grow Rack System G18
Customize Your Own
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Custom Growing Stand

How It All Started

Customizable smart plant growth racks provide a comprehensive solution for your plant cultivation. This grow rack not only combines smart technology, but also focuses on customized design, as well as an efficient ventilation system and customizable light spectrum to provide you with an ideal growing environment.

The G18 growing rack can be customized and suitable for various plant planting needs. Equipped with an advanced ventilation system to ensure healthy plant growth. Combined with an LED light system with customizable spectrum, the lighting needs of plants at different growth stages can be met through an intelligent control system. Whether for home or commercial use, invest in our products to provide the ideal growing environment for your plants to thrive.

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What We Do

LED Grow Lights And Stands Manufacturers

GKhorti is a one-stop LED lighting solution manufacturer for indoor plants and greenhouse projects, including LED grow lights and LED top lighting solutions for indoor cultivation. Vertical Cultivation We focus on improving plant yield and quality by improving the entire controlled environment facility.

Increase Planting Yield

LED Grow Lights Application

Our vision is to help farmers to grow more food and better food easily.

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Cannabis Cultivation

Adjust height according to growth

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Vegetable Planting

better growing environment


Gardening Plants

Provide nutritional light source


Seedling Cultivation

Customized nursery lights


Healthier Tomatoes

Increase production


Strawberry Growing Stand

Disinfection and sterilization

Professional LED grow lights

The G16 Professional Customizable spectrum LED plant grow light provides a superior growing environment for your plants. Advanced technology and careful design ensure that plants can get the light they need at any stage of growth.

Customizable Strawberry Stand

G31 Special Planting for Ductile Plants

The G31 Professional Bulb Grow Stand is the perfect choice for creating your ideal growing environment. Its customizable design allows you to adjust it to your personal preferences and space needs, ensuring plants have plenty of room to spread out and grow.

We work with most engineering companies to provide them with customization that is more conducive to expanded planting space and better plant growth environments.

About GK

Expert. Experienced.

(GK)Shenzhen Guanke Technologies Co., LTD, also known as GK is one of the most professional manufacturers of LED Horticulture light products, in Shenzhen, China.We have been studying and researching horticulture technologies since 2010. Established in 2006, now GK is a national high-tech enterprise with over 500 employees and a 25,000m² manufacturing base with ISO9001:2015 & ISO14001:2004 certification.

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Increase mass production space

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Engineering Partner

Custom grow lights and stands

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