1000W 2.8umol/j LED Top lighting G12-1000W indoor marijuana grow light
Our G12-1000W model will offer you what you exactly need. 1000w power will offer high PPF 2800umol/s with less fixtures and wide beam angle will achieve a better uniform lighting. Besides, G12-1000W model with GP1 GP2 spectrum widely used for cannabis in greenhouse and indoor room.
Wattage: 1000W
Spectrum: GP1 GP2
PPE: 2.8umol/j
PPF: 2800umol/s
Input voltage: AC200-277V/AC277-480V

Our G12-1000W model led top lighting solution for year-round productivity in the greenhouse and indoor rooms.  Large cover areas with fewer fixtures, reducing the fixture investments.  and the slim design will help to minimize crop shading, especially in cannabis grow light greenhouse projects.  

–   True 1:1 replacement for 1000W HPS fixtures

– Varied spectrums are optional for indoor and greenhouse

– Superior uniformity lighting 

– High PPF, up to 2800 µmol/s

Model G12-1000W
Input Wattage 1000W
PPF (Light output) 2800µmol/s
PAR Efficacy 2.8umol/j
Input Voltage 1-phase AC200-277V 50/60Hz
Light Source Samsung LEDs / OSRAM LEDs
Dimming Control 0-10V By Wired Control System
Power Factor >0.95
Thermal Management Passive Cooling
Certifications Pending DLC / ETL ( UL8800 ) / CE /RoHS Standards
Mounting Height 1:1 Replacement from HPS
Warranty|Lifetime 5 year | Q90>36,000hrs
Dimensions | Weight LED Lamp: 44″ L x 6.1″ W x 6.5″ H | 19.6lb
1117mm L*155mm W*164mm H | 8.9kg
1-phase LED Driver: 3.9kg