G18 Smart Grow Rack System

The most comprehensive Smart Grow Rack System in the market now, combined with lifting system (top lighting can be up and down of your choice), ventilation system, and the mobile base system, allow grower to make the most use of the grow space and have the most yield.

Introducing the G18 Smart Grow Rack System, revolutionizing indoor cultivation with its advanced features. The rolling grow rack design allows for efficient space utilization, accommodating up to 6 bays per row, each equipped with G16 top lighting offering 2.66µmol/J at 1640W per tier. With flexible top light options from any brand, growers can tailor lighting to suit their crops. The smart electric lifting system enables precise adjustment of LED light height from 570mm to 1220mm, ensuring optimal growth conditions. 

Consistent microclimates are maintained by the ventilation system, guaranteeing reliable yields. The multi-rack control hub provides seamless dimming and lifting control. Additionally, the customizable architecture allows for tailored solutions to meet specific requirements, demonstrating our commitment to customer satisfaction. Experience unparalleled efficiency and performance with the G18 Smart Grow Rack System.

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