LED Cannabis Grow Light Full Spectrum Linkable Indoor Plant Fixture
1000W Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light - for Indoor Plant Growth, This full-spectrum LED grow light emits the perfect combination of red, blue, and white light for veg and bloom plant growth. This 1000-watt LED top light has a PAR/PPFD value of 3.0µmol/J 3000µmol/s. It uses significantly less energy than HPS alternatives and is designed to last 36,000 hours. Excellent radiator saves you more electricity bills to the greatest extent. The grow light is constructed of durable aluminum. It's equipped with a power cord and comes with hanging kits. Use this LED fixture for a range of plants and applications, including legal marijuana, horticulture lighting, indoor gardening, hydroponics, and greenhouses.
Model : G12-1000W-02
Input Wattage: 1000W
PPF (Light output ±5%): 3000µmol/s
PAR Efficacy: 3.0µmol/J
Input Voltage: AC200-277V / AC249-528V 50/60Hz
Light Source : LUMILEDS / OSRAM LEDs
Dimming Control : 0-10V
Beam Angle: 120
Warranty|Lifetime: 5 year | Q90>36,000hrs
Certifications: The DLC / UL8800 / ETL / CE /RoHS Standards

This GK 1000W LED grow light full spectrum cannabis plant light is for hydroponic indoor plant seedling veg and flower. And it has AC Power Cord | Length AC200-277V / AC249-528V | 6ft (2m), . hanging is available, very easy and fast installation. simulate Natural light, best for all plants seeding, growth, and bloom.

1000W AC 200-277V /AC 249-528V LED grow light full spectrum plant light provides indoor plants with full-spectrum sunlight replacement

An LED hanging to grow light panel with red, white, and blue rays that are the perfect size to supplement your indoor or outdoor garden. It can also be toggled to full spectrum or sunlight spectrum, so you can give your plant buddies the exact right light they need to grow.


The initial investment for cost-effective full spectrum LEDs is much lower than that of other supplemental lightings. GK’s white-based full spectrum LEDs also bring down the operation cost by reducing energy consumption with its industry-leading performances.

GK’s plant-centric spectrum LEDs for horticulture lighting offer the most energy-efficient solutions with industry-leading. Unrivaled in quality they enable growers to cultivate more nutritious plants while saving energy.