G18 Smart Grow Rack System

The most comprehensive Smart Grow Rack System in the market now, combined with lifting system (top lighting can be up and down of your choice), ventilation system, and the mobile base system, allow grower to make the most use of the grow space and have the most yield.

G16 Ultra Slim Top Lighting

With the most state-of-the-art technology in heat management and industry design,G16 can provide great uniformity, and long last endurance. With the well designed gears to install, it can work perfectly either on ceiling mounting or on Grow Racks, and it is also suitable for the growing tents, containers farming etc.

G12 High Power Horticulture Light

G12 works perfectly for microgreen and fruit, with the slim and cooper pipe heat dissipation design, it allows the heat to go quickly,thus bring less heat in the space and can go for longer lifespan.

G17 Super High Power Top Lighting

Up to 1640W, with the ultra slim design,this is a super lightweight yet powerful top lighting,with great efficiency and high uniformity. Due to the slim design, G17 can also be used in greenhouse application to provide sufficient top lighting

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