Greenhouse cannabis cultivation and the top lighting

By Elsa  |  Jan. 4, 2022


How can we build the right greenhouse for marijuana production? In fact, this question is a little less rigorous, because there is no uniform greenhouse structure for marijuana cultivation, and there is no specific high-yield fixture, or there is not only one way to grow marijuana in the greenhouse. Nevertheless, there are some aspects of greenhouse construction that most marijuana growers will want to include to provide the best environment for their crops.


With any greenhouse design, it is important to keep the end purpose in mind right from the start. Greenhouses are built to provide your plant, whatever it is, with the ideal growing environment. Marijuana is a controlled substance, that’s why for growing this kind of plant, you want to focus on the ideal environment.


Greenhouse structures and modern horticultural growing technology offer enormous production benefits compared to typical indoor growing. But where large zones increase production efficiency, they also increase crop risk from disease or infestation spreading. Therefore, when you consider the monetary value of your marijuana crop, and possibly the medical imperative of providing consistent medication to your patients, you should also reasonably create an ideal growth environment.


  1. Geographic location.

Not all greenhouse manufacturers or cannabis cultivation consultants have experience in different geographical locations. In different countries, even in different states, the greenhouse you need will be very different. Outdoor temperature fluctuations, wind speed, humidity levels, and light levels will all affect what is best for your crops.


  1. Building a greenhouse to maximize light and minimize shading.

The less infrastructure you have, the more light you’ll get to your crops because you won’t have as many obstacles blocking light to your plants. Besides, greenhouses with more substantial framing will also allow for the installation of supplemental lighting, which makes up for shading resulting from the additional infrastructure.


  1. Inside greenhouse temperature.

Cannabis like many crops likes different temperatures at different stages of growth. Generally speaking, you want your greenhouse temperatures between 65 to 85°F. Your greenhouse heating and cooling system needs to take into account the temperature needs and controls of each zone.


  1. Managing humidity inside a cannabis greenhouse.

As with any crop, knowing the humidity that the plant thrives in is important when building a greenhouse. While cannabis in the vegetative stage actually likes a higher humidity level, it prefers lower humidity when in flower. Greenhouse manufacturers who understand this can help you build flexibility into your greenhouse designs.


  1. It’s better the ventilation for greenhouses tie into temperature and humidity needs.

In addition to ventilation to remove hot air from inside the greenhouse, most greenhouse growers put airflow fans inside to circulate air movement which is good for keeping healthy plants.


  1. Adjusting the lighting level will increase the yields of marijuana greenhouse.

One of the biggest advantages of greenhouse planting over indoor planting is that greenhouse plants benefit from natural sunlight. Not only does sunlight provide plants with materials needed for growth, but also it can save a large part of power supply funds. But when marijuana is in its vegetative state, about 18 hours of light would be the best. For this reason, greenhouse growers certainly need to add supplementary lighting to their greenhouse program.


  1. Flowering state takes longer darkness.

While the vegetative stage enjoys greater light levels, for flowering, longer periods of darkness are desired. Ensuring 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness inside your greenhouse will force the marijuana plants to flower according to your production schedule.


  1. CO2 can promote the growth of cannabis plants.

Cannabis plants thrive with CO2 enrichment.


Greenhouse production has advantages over traditional field production, including the ability to grow year-round regardless of weather, control ambient light conditions, and stabilize plant growth cycles when you effectively manage your lighting strategy.


Adding supplemental light is often the only way to reach consistent light levels year-round. Therefore, it is a very important step to add the suitable supplementary light to your greenhouse. Still, there are considerations to make when choosing a light fixture to maximize the power of the sun for your greenhouse.


We need intelligent lighting solutions to maximize the effect of sunlight. Not all light fixtures will maximize your use of free natural sunlight for your crops. The benefits of the right smart lighting solution can ensure that you’re using as much sunlight as possible and not spending more than you need to on supplemental.


So how to find the right supplemental greenhouse LED lights? Which one to choose?


G12-1000W from GKhorti is what we suggest now. This is high-standard top lighting LED grow light made specifically for greenhouse applications.




It allows you to adapt to more growth cycles in a year. Even if your fixture is in a dark climate or in the winter, the intensity and integrated spectrum of G12 LED top lights will enable you to create any season under the greenhouse roof.


This G12 can provide the best light for your plants by its selection of different spectra and light intensities. And while working with our central power supply system and control system, it will get better results. These lights enable you to achieve a precise balance of control at every moment of the plant growth cycle. In order to make your work easier, GKhorti G12 with our supporting power supply and control system will be adjusted at any specific time to truly supplement the available sunlight. You don’t have to worry about wasting energy on excess light. The lights will be easily dimmed on bright days, thus you can make sure that your crop gets what it needs.


In addition, this combination can reduce running costs.


As we all know, it is no secret that lighting accounts for a large proportion of the energy cost of any grower. G12 top lights help reduce these costs from different starting points.


The special heat dissipation design of these lamps makes the heat dissipation effect far more than any other lighting option, allowing growers to save supplementary cooling expenditure.


With our central input system, we can reduce the weight of each lamp (for G10 series, the weight can be reduced by up to half) to save transportation costs and make installation easier so as to reduce the shadow cast and increase yield performance by 5%, even in the greenhouse. G12 top lighting solution will also reduce air-conditioning costs by about 10% through centralized control. At the same time, G12 can let your greenhouse marijuana enjoy consistent light quality for years with its long service life of up to 5 years…




Let’s make a better choice by selecting the top lighting solution that fits your greenhouse cannabis cultivation plan!

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